I've had the opportunity to work on several projects over the years. This page helps give a partial list of some of the projects I've worked on. My personal projects are, obviously, projects that I've started and worked on personally with my (limited) free time. The other projects (open source and work related) are projects that I've contributed to in some way.

Personal Projects

Some of my personal projects. This list is far from complete. It only has on it what I've blogged about so far (and a few projects I plan on blogging about someday). Also, note that when I say "coming soon," "soon" is a relative word... very relative.

Project[Chaos] (WIP)
SWF compiler and decompiler, specifically geared towards those wanting to gaplessly loop MP3s in the Flash projects.
A custom Android control that allows users to interactively create tweening/easing graphs and use a generated Interpolator to animate their views. Complete with a pretty demo.
Anaconda (WIP) (blog post coming soon)
A Flash remake of an earlier C++ game I made. It's like snake, but you're not stuck on a grid!
Play snake old school style in a Windows console, complete with colors, cheat codes, and multiplayer!

Open Source Projects

I'm a fan of open source projects, particularly because it was the open source community that really gave me the tools I needed when I was young to really get into programming. I'd like to contribute to more projects, but my time is limited, unfortunately.

FFmpeg is a vast, awesome project. I'm not a video or FFmpeg expert, but I like to contribute in whatever small ways I can. After Sorenson Media had me write FFmpeg's OpenJPEG encoder, I also wrote FFmpeg's ICO muxer. I try to contribute in other ways when I can, as I learn a lot by doing so.
SFML is my preferred library when it comes to working with graphics. I created the new logo, and during this summer I hope to contribute to the actual code.

At Pixio

After I joined Pixio during my junior year in college, I was immediately put to work on some company projects. Most of what I've done, I can't talk about, unfortunately.

Project X
That's not its code name or official name. I'm currently under an NDA with regards to the project I'm working on, so until I can talk about it I'll just call it "Project X" and say that I'm programming stuff.

At Sorenson Media

I worked at Sorenson Media for a couple of years during my freshman and sophomore years in college, and really enjoyed my time working there. I had the opportunity to be involved in various ways on several projects while working as an intern for Sorenson Media.

My primary focus when working on Squeeze was adding functionality to allow Squeeze to read videos with FFmpeg and MainConcept.
Squeeze Server
Much of my work on Squeeze also affected Squeeze Server, though I also did a little bug fixing for Squeeze Server before the 2.0 release.
Sorenson 360
Sorenson 360 is a vast platform, and I wrote some of the base code that allowed Squeeze to communicate with 360 using 360's API.
Various internal tools
I also worked on lots of smaller internal tools while at Sorenson Media, from automated nightly test systems to automated tools to extract raw statistical data into databases for analytical querying.