About Me

Hi! My name is Michael Bradshaw, though I sometimes go by Cornstalks in online and game development related circles. The primary intention of this blog is for me to share some geek/tech-related things with the world and potentially get feedback on them (and hopefully I can learn something new!).

I started programming when I was 12 or 13 with DarkBASIC. I've moved on since then and primarily work in C++ now, though I also work in C, C#, Java, Racket, and whatever else I need to get the job done. Making games is a fun hobby of mine. Outside of programming for fun and for school, I work as a software developer at Pixio developing mobile software for iOS and Android.

I used to work a lot with video transcoding solutions at my previous job with Sorenson Media. While I'm no longer in the video industry, I still try to contribute to the FFmpeg project when I can.

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