Thursday, May 30, 2013

What happens when Matt Might links to your website

I just crossed the 3,000-page-views-in-a-single-month barrier.

In March, Matt Might linked to my website (thanks Matt!). I was making pretty steady growth in my monthly number of hits on my site, just breaking 1,000 hits a month in February, 2013. Then in the beginning of March, Matt Might linked to my site and this happened:

Yeah, it says "March," but this is really February's stats. Just barely broke 1,000!

Matt Might linked to my site the beginning of March and more than doubled my hit count!

And here are today's stats, a couple months later:

Almost there...

And a few minutes later, over 3,000! (next goal: getting over 9000)

If you're curious, I now get about (on a weekly basis) ~130 visitors from Matt, ~110 visitors from Google (~55 from US and ~55 from non-US, like UK, Korea, Germany, India, Hong Kong, etc.), ~1 from the SFML forums, ~1 from the forums, and every once in a while, 1 from StackOverflow. Crazy! This also means that on average, each visitor visits 2-3 pages. Anyway, back to focusing on posting content this site was actually made for (this site is meant to be a portfolio rather than a blog, so I'll post less silly content now).

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  1. Awesome! Our top month is just over 3600 (thanks to the election), but otherwise we pop just over 3000 these days. Nothing quite like your exponential growth chart, though! :^D


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