Saturday, March 2, 2013


I've always thought the classical game of Snake is a fun game to program. One day I decided I wanted to speed-code a game of Snake, rendered entirely with (extended) ASCII art. One particular friend of mine made feature requests and gave me feedback as I quickly developed it.

In the end, the game was quite a bit of fun. It ran in a Windows console, had color, cheats, Easter eggs, and even a multiplayer mode (that operated kind of like a Tron Lightcycle battle). My friend and I made several good memories with this little game, competing for the high score and battling it out in multiplayer. If everything was quiet and a sudden "Dang it!" came echoing from another room, I knew a game of Snake was going down.

Because I was speed coding this, I'm not going to release the code (it's atrocious!). I will, however, for kicks and giggles, provide binaries which you may play with. You can download it here. See if you can figure out all the cheats and Easter eggs!


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