Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project[Chaos]: Initial Quaternion Julia Sets

I finally got quaternion Julia sets rendering! I've never actually made one before, so I'm quite happy I have at least something. I'll attach some screenshots below. FYI, these are just crude renderings of the depth buffer from ray casting.

So where do I go now? Well, I follow the course outlined on my Project[Chaos] page. But here's a list of the short term goals and tasks, in order:

  1. Add a few more fractal types (maybe one or two more 3D ones).
  2. Refactor and revise the existing fractals (right now I'm just getting them to work, this step will focus on improving each one's design).
  3. Refactor again to give each fractal a common interface.
  4. Multithread the processing.
  5. Create a plugin architecture and connect fractal parameters to the GUI.
  6. Check overall progress and make new short term goals.

At c = 1 - 0.2i + 0j + 0k

At c = -0.162 + 0.163i + 0.560j - 0.599k

And as a side note, I came across a new site that's really cool. subblue has some fantastic fractal renderings and animations, so if you've got a moment I suggest you explore there a bit!

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